The school provides an extraordinary facilities which are much more than a passive container of the educational process.

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Natural & Healthy Environment

Our sprawling campus complemented by excellent facilities and resources allowing us to strive towards high standards and academic excellence.

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Play Ground

A separate play ground provides a safe atmosphere for our young students. Soft play areas and equipment provide a variety of activities for the students to be occupied.

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Sports Facilities

Physical fitness is important.With an eye to groom students into physically strong and mentally active members, a range of sports facilities are made available.

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Music Hall

A well-equipped music hall provides a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards, violins, drum sets, harmoniums ,sitar and tablas for students inclined towards both western and eastern music.

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School Transport

The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel the school has its own fleet of outsourced school buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the needs of small children.

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Qualified Staff

School provides well qualified and experienced staff Our greatest treasure is our dedicated team of experts. Team spirit is highly motivated among our staffs. We have knowledgable, creative, passionate individuals who have an interest to effectively update themselves in the teaching -learning front.